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Connect Groups


Connect groups are more that a Bible Study, a social opportunity, or an extra night in your week. Connect groups are an integral part of life.  At Christian Outreach Centre Mount Isa Connect groups range from new-born to teenagers all the way up to adulthood. You can expect to make connections and develop friendships, be inspired and see growth in your spiritual life so you can live a life of victory that God intended you to live.


Make a connection today! For more information one a connect group that would suit you, please click on the tabs below and we look forward to meeting you!

Christianity a Lifestyle

When: Monday 10am, Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 6pm

Where: Christian Outreach Centre Mount Isa


Our Christian Lifestyle teaching provides the foundations of Christianity to live a life of purpose highlighted in the Bible. In this study we discover keys to living a kingdom lifestyle of righteousness and joy. Unlocking truths throughout the bible leading to greater understanding and wisdom in our everyday Christian Lifestyle.


Bible College

When: Monday 7pm

Where: Christian Outreach Centre Mount Isa

FIND US - 10-12 Enterprise Road, Mount Isa

Mount Isa Christian Outreach Centre Church operating under the International network of churches

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