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Christian Outreach Centre is for the city and for everyone.


We are a welcoming church for all ages and all walks in life. Our heart is for you to experience the love of God and see Him transform your life.


We have so many opportunities for you to find a great community to belong to, from our mainly music playgroup, to kids and youth groups, to weekly women’s and men’s events, to Christian groups to encourage you to grow in your faith. 


Christian Outreach Centre is a pentecostal church operating under the International Network of Churches.

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We are for our city. We are for Mount Isa. We are for building strong families and establishing a safe city. We serve our city and our nation for Jesus. We are passionate about providing inspiration, insight and information for anyone and encourage them to grow as a follower of Christ and step into all He’s got for their lives.​

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Our Pastors

Pastors Keith & Lynette Christie

Pastor Keith & Lynette have served as Senior Pastors of Christian Outreach Centre Mount Isa since the year 2000. In 1999 Ps Keith felt to leave the mining industry and serve God full-time, starting the church from an empty building. From the moment they started pastoring, the church has been growing tremendously. They are passionate about people experiencing the miracle-working power of God in their daily lives.

What we believe

Jesus our Saviour

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our Lord and Saviour and we worship him. He has an incredible love for every person and it is His sacrificial love for every person that is our inspiration and pattern for living. We are not special people, only people who love and serve a special God.  

God the Holy Spirit

In our church meetings we are eager to let the Holy Spirit impact people wherever they may be in life. The Holy Spirit is a person, and is here to heal the sick, free those who are oppressed, and bring salvation to the lost. It is through His power, and a continuing personal relationship with God the Father and other believers, that people reach their true and greatest potential in life.

The Bible

We hold the Bible, and the Bible alone, to be the literal inspired Word of God.  It is our textbook to life itself and inspires an unshakeable faith in a God who never leaves us or forsakes us.

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